America is Worth Fighting For

America is Worth Fighting For

As we launch the new website of Americans for a Balanced Budget (ABB), I am energized about our cause and the online community which will help us take the fight for a balanced federal budget to the White House and the halls of Congress.  During the Cold War, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev once said, “America will be destroyed from within,” and many believe his words were prophetic.  Even as federal deficits and the national debt are skyrocketing out of control, Khrushchev can and must be proven wrong.

America’s economy is still the largest in the world.  Our standard of living remains the envy of all other nations.  The United States’ military might is unprecedented in human history. Today’s generation of American workers continues our country’s tradition of exceedingly high productivity.  The spirit of American free enterprise and entrepreneurship is alive and well in the 21st Century.  What America needs to meet its mounting challenges is to get its big-spending liberal politicians under control!

ABB understands the looming debt crisis facing America is largely a political problem.  ABB is comprised of thousands of members, representing the deeply-held concerns of millions of Americans.  In fact, Americans who demand a return to fiscal responsibility and a balanced federal budget are clearly in the majority.  ABB will continue to dig in, stand up and fight at the grassroots level against wasteful spending and in favor of fundamental tax reform and a Balanced Budget Amendment.

The naysayers believe America’s best days are in the past.  ABB’s thousands of members are determined to make certain that our nation’s best days lie ahead.  With the future of our children and grandchildren on the line, America is very much worth fighting for.

-Dee Stewart


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