TEA Party Forms Its Own “Super Committee”

TEA Party Forms Its Own “Super Committee”

Tomorrow, a panel of TEA party activists will gather at a meeting, convened by the influential group FreedomWorks, in order to draft their own plan to eliminate the U.S. deficit, reduce the national debt and remove wasteful spending from the budget.  In a statement, FreedomWorks said, “…President Obama’s ‘super-committee’ will inevitably fall prey to special interest groups, shutting American taxpayers out of the discussion on how to reduce spending and balance the budget.  The Tea Party Debt Commission was created to give the American people a platform to be heard, and to propose specific cuts to the federal budget.”

In the same statement, FreedomWorks went on to lay out their goals stating, “The committee’s goal is to create a budget plan that balances the federal budget within 10 years; reduces federal spending to 18 percent of GDP; reduces the national debt to no more than 66 percent of GDP; reduces federal spending by at least $9 trillion over 10 years (including $300 billion in the first year); and does not raise taxes.” 

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