Shumer: Blame “TEA Party Economics”

Shumer:  Blame “TEA Party Economics”

Politico article reports U.S. Senator Shumer (D-NY) is helping lead Democrats to a new approach on Republican ideas:  TEA Party economics.  Senator Shumer has said Congressional Democrats will begin dismantling Obama’s Jobs Bill and try pushing it through piece by piece. 

In a memo, Senator Shumer wrote, “In this debate over jobs, the Tea Party’s growing unpopularity has the potential to be the GOP’s Achilles’ Heel.  The movement’s unfavorability has never been higher, and especially after the debt ceiling debacle, the public is inclined to believe its actions are hurting the economy.  By linking the GOP to its extreme Tea Party fringe, Democrats can bolster the prospects for the President’s jobs ideas, or at least make clear who is responsible for the stalling of the recovery.” 

Speaking after Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said “The White House has made it clear that the president is praying for gridlock.  It’s actually hoping for gridlock. So he has somebody besides himself to point the finger at next November.”

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