Don’t Spend More Money, Spend Money Effectively

Don’t Spend More Money, Spend Money Effectively

A Baltimore Sun article suggests Democrat proposals for cutting our nation’s deficits will handicap “the national economy with higher taxes and [imperil] national security by cutting defense.”  The article goes on to point out how the national deficit in 2007, under President Bush, was at a manageable $161 billion.  However, in 2011, two years after President Obama and Congressional Democrats declared the recession over, the deficit had skyrocketed to $1.3 trillion.  Of course, these numbers are simply unsustainable.

If the Congressional “super committee” does not reach an agreement, the Defense Department will be hit hardest resulting in severe implications for the nation’s security.  While many Democrats call for more tax dollars to be funneled to Social Security, educational programs and health care, this article makes the argument that it is not how much the U.S. spends but how much we get for what we are spending.

Instead of blindly pouring money into these programs, Congress needs to ensure the money appropriated already is being spent wisely and garnering effective results.  If a true overall of these programs does not happen, the money will be siphoned from national security and with threats from the Middle East and China, that is something we simply cannot allow.

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