No Deal Reached on Deficit Reduction

No Deal Reached on Deficit Reduction

The twelve members of the super committee worked through the weekend to hammer out a deal to reach the $1.2 trillion deficit reduction deal.  However, as time ticked on Sunday, it was clear no agreement had been reached.  In fact, it appeared not much negotiating was happening.  Committee member, Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-MD), stepped out to attend a soccer game and few other members were meeting.  The halls were practically empty on Capitol Hill.

In a Fox News blog, Congressman Jim Clyburn (D-SC) is quoted saying, “This is when things get done.”  However, the committee needed to agree on something by Sunday night so that the Congressional Budget Office has enough time to score the bill.  Also, the legislation will need to be posted for public review 48-hours prior to a vote.  However, when Sunday night came, no deal had been struck. 

For weeks, the public has been pleading with the committee to “go big or go home” with an agreement which would greatly reduce the nation’s deficit.  It seems now, though, that the committee will be struggling to barely deliver the minimum.

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