Taking the Candidates to Task for our Nation’s Future

Taking the Candidates to Task for our Nation’s Future

This month, ABB will execute its long-planned Early Presidential Nominating State grassroots program.  In the coming weeks, ABB will organize its members in targeted regions of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina in an effort to make certain every candidate for President of the United States understands that Americans demand a solution to our national budget crisis.

ABB activists will communicate their message advocating that the federal budget must be balanced and our national debt must be repaid to the presidential candidates through a variety of mediums.  Whether this vital message is delivered through direct communication with the candidates and their staffs or through earned media, ABB will make sure that restoring America’s fiscal house remains at the top of the issue agenda for 2012 and beyond. 

Thank you in advance to every ABB member who will stand up and be counted in this effort.  America’s national security and future prosperity depends on its citizens’ willingness to force the politicians to become much more fiscally responsible.  We have work to do!

-Dee Stewart

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