ABB’s Grassroots Campaign Hits Newspapers in New Hampshire

ABB’s Grassroots Campaign Hits Newspapers in New Hampshire

In the nation’s first primary state, Americans for a Balanced Budget is effectively implementing its grassroots campaign to take its message of a balanced federal budget to the candidates.  Activists have been attending town halls and campaign events for the last several weeks to encourage the Presidential candidates to remain focused on our nation’s greatest hurdle:  balancing the federal budget and placing our country on solid fiscal footing.

This week, one such activist, Kathryn Williamson, had a letter to the editor published in the Portsmouth Herald, a New Hampshire newspaper, as well as on a political blog siteIn her letter, Kathryn enforces the need to balance our national budget and encourages GOP candidates to offer details on how they would do so. 

We encourage you to do the same.  By writing letters to the editor of your local newspaper, you will help spread the message of balancing our budget now! 

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