Budget Talks or Government Shutdown

Budget Talks or Government Shutdown

House GOP members released a budget proposal that saves America more money to combat the current U.S. deficit problem.  Democrats accuse Republicans of acting in ‘bad faith’ with this new proposal.  Republicans however, say the 1.047 billion dollar discretionary spending cap was meant to be the extreme level of spending, not an amount total Congress should aim to reach.  Republicans will save 19 billion dollars off the American budget when compared with what Obama’s budget proposes.

Passing a budget for the new fiscal year is Congress’s most basic job but hopes are dim that this issue will be resolved before elections.  Experts have sincere doubts that lawmakers will reach any long term spending solution.  If Congress isn’t able, once again, to finish their budgetary duties, a government shutdown will commence due to lack of authorized funds.  With this much fighting and disagreement stalling the budget process, the “No Budget, No Pay” supporters are being heard louder and louder within the halls of Capital Hill.

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