GOP Attempt again to Cut Spending, Deficit

GOP Attempt again to Cut Spending, Deficit

Republican U.S. House of Representatives are negotiating within their party on a more efficient method to slash government spending and cut our national deficit.  The size of government is ever increasing and exceeding a reasonable expenditure amount for most conservatives.

Some Republicans want to stick to the expense agreement struck with President Obama seven months ago while others wish to spend less and fix our deficit even more.  New Hampshire Representative Charles Bass (R) says “We voted for it.  That’s the number we should use.”

The U.S. Senate has ultimately agreed to stick with their 1.047 trillion dollar amount, making the House and Senate’s expense number tens of billions of dollars apart.  With today’s release of the new expense for President Obama’s Medicare Plan now costing almost double the initial amount (1.76 trillion dollars), Republicans and Democrats take different avenues on how to handle the new situation.

House Budget Committee chairman, Paul D. Ryan (R – WI), and Senator Ron Wyden (D – OR) help the discussion by agreeing the elderly should be offered an allowance that could be used to buy a private plan or the existing government coverage.

Others, like the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, have already gone negative stating, “Just when you thought Medicare was safe, they’re back,” referring to Republicans who have a problem with the new  trillion dollar Medicare price tag.


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