Life for the Federal Budget?

Life for the Federal Budget?

The Federal Budget could head the U.S. Government into an overall shutdown with a little over a month left before election day.  In a few days the Federal Budget Committee will find the price tag GOP leaders aim to set with this year’s budget.  GOP lawmakers are trying to persuade their Democratic counterparts to not go the to the maximum spending limit with the Federal Budget.

This year’s spending ceiling has been set at 1.047 trillion dollars.  Many members say the budget can be reduced further, even below the trillion dollar mark.  1.028 trillion is the number a hand full of GOP law-makers have agreed upon but others want more savings.  The deficit is a huge problem America faces, especially during an up-coming election year, leaving one GOP member acknowledging, “There is a lot of pent-up demand from our members to show the American people a way forward to fiscal sanity,” John Boehner (R-OH).

Problems still persist.  If a budget that has serious fiscal cleaving is passed in the House, the Democratic controlled Senate will not support such an approach.  Hopefully the Budget Committee agrees on a reasonable number, allowing both the Senate and the House to finally give the American people a Federal Budget.

“I find it stunning the Senate has yet to pass a budget for more than 1,000 days,” – Representative Jason Chaffetz (R-UT).

“2009 was the last time the Senate passed a budget.  So, you know, for a thousand days, the Senate has taken their hands off the steering wheel,”     – Representative Rich Nugent (R-FL).

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