‘No Budget, No Pay’

Erin Burnett talks about the ‘No Pay, No Budget’ concept being discussed around the country.  Congress has consistently stalled on a balanced budget amendment proposal, even worse, they have failed to produce any budget at all.  With the base congressional salary being $174,000, many feel it is unfair for members of Congress to get paid while failing to complete one of the largest duties we entrust them with as a public servant.

Congress is essentially self-destructing.  There have been 100 filibusters used in the past two years attempting to stall the progress of Congress.  This is astounding, considering there were only 35 used in the first fifty years of Congress.  There are also 200 federal appointee positions left unfilled because Congress routinely rejects compromise.

This idea of ‘No Budget, No Pay’ currently has bipartisan support with 41 cosponsors across the nation and should gain more support with further pressure by the American public to pass a balanced budget.

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