Paul Ryan & the Conservative 2013 Budget Plan

Representative Paul Ryan (R-WI) introduced “The Path to Prosperity,” the conservative federal budget proposal that saves more money to combat the national deficit and debt.  The plan targets issues like Medicare, our outdated tax code and, most importantly, reducing our national debt

The plan provides more freedom to Medicare, letting beneficiaries choose from multiple plans both privatized and governmental.  Also, the tax code is greatly simplified, reducing the bracket system into two brackets instead of six.

Ryan focuses heavily on saving America more money.  The plan prescribes far less spending than the Obama Budget Proposal.  If enacted into law as is, the budget influences the deficit so dramatically that in 2015, the deficit would drop to about $300 billion instead of $1.2 trillion for the current budget year.

Republicans say this approach saves more money, forces competition upon a wasteful health care system and gives Medicare recipients more options.

For more information, please refer to Representative Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” website.

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