Fact Check on Obama’s GOP Budget Attacks

Fact Check on Obama’s GOP Budget Attacks

The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler reviews President Obama’s statements over the GOP Budget Proposal.  Much of what Obama scrutinizes points to the ever nearing 2012 presidential contest and Obama has certainly started his campaign efforts with this speech.

The House Republican budget changes tax rates to a much simpler system and to a much lower amount for all Americans.  Kessler points out that the tax breaks are not simply coming from this budget but are actually coming from the impact of the George W. Bush tax cuts, if they are made permanent.  Obama also attacks the $150,000 tax deduction figure for people with an annual income more than $1 million dollars but fails to say that even with every possible tax break taken away, the wealthy will still receive $107,000 in deductions.

Kessler also targets Obama’s attacks on conservative spending cuts.  The president states “If this [Republican] budget became law, by the middle of the century, funding for the kinds of things I just mentioned would have to be cut by about 95 percent.”  Kessler looks into these accusations about the GOP Budget and reveals an interesting figure adjustment used by the president.

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