No Budget This Year

Senator Kent Conrad (D-ND) exclaimed confidently there will be no budget passed until after the presidential election.  The Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee as well as Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) discuss the frail chances available for Congress to agree on a budget.

Senator Conrad throughout the entire interview with Fox News shows little hope and almost little care for an agreement between Republicans and Democrats on a budget plan.  Conrad feels the U.S. Government can simply defer to the agreement from last summer’s debt ceiling debate.  The lack of motivation may be credited to Senator Conrad’s nearing retirement but the fact that he shows no enthusiasm to reach an agreement is something shared by a lot of Congress members.

Senator Johnson rejects the idea that it is okay to rely on last years debt ceiling agreement; he stresses it is the legal responsibility of Congress to pass a fiscal budget.  “The Budget Control Act is … about 24 numbers and it’s simply not adequate at all”, Johnson said, referring to the legislation that emerged from the debt-ceiling debate.

Both Senators agree there will likely be a budget stalemate until the end of campaign season.  House Republicans have passed Republican Representative Paul Ryan’s plan but Senator Conrad shows a careless demeanor and even an unenthusiastic attitude towards a budget agreement by making it clear he is at peace with Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s position that the chamber does not need to bring a budget to the floor.

“It’s a matter of will.  And the fact of the matter is, there are no plans, we are sorely lacking presidential leadership” — Senator Johnson.

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