Strong Support for “No Budget, No Pay” Proposal

Strong Support for “No Budget, No Pay” Proposal

An excellent idea is gaining traction in Washington, DC, and across the nation.  Congressman Jim Cooper (D-TN) introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives which would hold Congressional paychecks if no budget is passed.  In an article, the Congressman explains his reasoning:

“If taxpayers want better results from Congress, they must stop paying their elected officials for failure… Today’s Congress has not passed a budget in three years and has not completed all of its budget and appropriations bills on time in 15 years. Few incumbents can even remember meeting these obligations… The dirty secret of today’s Congress is that many members actually benefit from missing our financial deadlines. When they hold up negotiations, highlight a parochial cause, and take a budget or appropriations bill hostage, they get lots of free publicity and become a hero to the special interests they are protecting.”

A recent poll by Clarus Research Group found 72% of registered voters like the idea.  Now let’s see if Congress will act.  Read the entire Wall Street Journal article here.

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