ABB President Discusses Romney VP Choice

ABB President Discusses Romney VP Choice
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Today, a San Antonio Express-News article reported many delegates from Texas are not sure Romney could really make an deficit spending cuts.  The article quotes Philip Eby from Clifton, Texas: “Romney claims to be very fiscally conservative, but I haven’t seen much evidence of (that).  I’m not sure what he can do to convince me. He’s held so many different positions … it’s hard to believe him.”

Romney won over many of the party faithful when he tapped Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate.  ABB President Dee Stewart commented to the San Antonio Express-News on Ryan while at the GOP convention in Tampa, Florida, saying, “Paul Ryan has been advocating a real solution to what ails the nation fiscally and was doing it far before it was an idea considered mainstream by most.”

Mr. Stewart went on to state, “This is not election-year politics for Paul Ryan. This is the continuance of a career of taking bold steps to eliminate wasteful spending, to reform entitlements and to get our deficits under control and to balance the federal budget.”

Read the full San Antonio News-Express article here.




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