Debt, debt, debt

Debt, debt, debt

The Republicans have a new mantra, reports Matt Reed of Florida Today and it’s not “jobs, jobs, jobs.”

Nor is it a focus on social issues.

Instead, it’s “debt, debt, debt.”

During Monday’s shortened convention night, Republican leaders depicted Mitt Romney as the man with a record of balancing budgets and paying down debts.  Nary a word said of immigration, energy exploration, or abortion.

While talking solely about debt is good electoral strategy – Florida independent voters favor Romney over Obama on budget issues by more than 20 percent – a President Romney could face backlash should his efforts to balance the budget prove futile.  So it carries with it a good bit of risk.

On the other hand, the focus on budget issues could reflect a growing willingness to level with the American people.

“It’s time for an adult conversation with the American people,” McConnell said.  “The way to fix the deficit is to make entitlement programs fit the demographics.”

Read the full Florida Today article here.

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