Veterans: Debt is the No. 1 Threat

Veterans:  Debt is the No. 1 Threat

In a survey of veterans conducted by the Daily Caller last month, economic weakness and the national debt were named as the biggest threats to our nation’s security.  Overall, over 75% of veterans named these issues as their chief concerns.

The size of the national debt has grown so appallingly large that even big government tax-and-spenders are taking notice.  But loathing to eliminate their pet entitlement programs, they have instead directed their knives into the heart of America’s military strength.  Veterans, more than any other group, know of the importance of maintaining our military power.

“Veterans are often assumed to be a monolith, focused narrowly on VA health and retirement benefits,” writes Pete Hegseth, CEO of Concerned Veterans for America.  “They’re not … they know that our nation’s military might and inherent freedoms are inextricably tied to our economic health.”

Read the full Daily Caller article here.

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