After Twenty Years, Perot Still Relevant

After Twenty Years, Perot Still Relevant

Remember Ross Perot and his zany infomercials?  It turns out that now, more than ever, Perot’s warnings about the national debt are relevant, PolicyMic reports.

“We’re 4.1 trillion in debt.  That’s a staggering burden to place on our children.  It’s unconscionable,” Perot stated during his first infomercial, broadcast during his unsuccessful 1992 presidential campaign.  (The national debt is now over $16 trillion in counting, with over $5 trillion added to it during the past four years).

Perot’s message hasn’t changed since 1992: the government spends too much and is mortgaging the future of future generations without reason.  In recent years he has founded the Comeback America Initiative, which is chaired by former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker.

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