Experts: U.S. Has Leadership Deficit

Experts: U.S. Has Leadership Deficit

Fiscal experts say that the biggest deficit facing the United States is a “leadership deficit”, the Quad-City Times reports, with no one willing to take on the big issues confronting America. On Wednesday, former Comptroller David Walker and Concord Coalition Executive Director Robert Bixby gave their thoughts on the state of the economy and the state of current U.S. leadership.

Walker: “The Congress is dysfunctional this year. News flash – it’s going to be dysfunctional next year. Therefore, there’s a disproportionate opportunity and obligation on the president … to lead.”

Bixby: “We need some leadership … the public is ready to make these choices if they are dealt with honestly and they have the facts. What is difficult to get through is the political chafe.”

It’s clear that the American people are willing to face the tough challenges ahead. Are the politicians?

For more, check out the Quad City Times.


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