Letter: Obama Should Know National Debt

Letter: Obama Should Know National Debt

This letter to the editor that appeared in the Buffalo News accurately sums up a major misstep by the President that the media has refused to touch.

Last week, President Obama appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman” rather than meet with the prime minister of Israel at a critical time in the Middle East.  When Letterman asked a simple question – how big is the national debt? – Obama responded that he didn’t remember.

It’s impossible to fathom how the leader of a nation that is $16 trillion in debt and on the verge of bankruptcy can make such a remark.

The letter-writer states, “Obama relished the opportunity to appear on a very popular program, hopeful of gaining more public exposure and votes, but he did not want to remind his viewers of how deeply he has let our economy slide into a morass of debt”.

Perhaps it’s a bit much to expect the President to remind voters that he’s responsible for the ballooning national debt.  But at this point, it would be nice to hear him just acknowledge the issue.

Click here to read the entire letter in the Buffalo News.

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