No Budget Deal Until 2013

No Budget Deal Until 2013

Former U.S. comptroller general David Walker says an agreement on the federal budget might not happen until almost a year from now, Bloomberg News reports.  Walker says congressional committees “haven’t done their work” on key issues like taxes and entitlement spending, including Medicare.  He also criticized President Obama for failing to prepare the nation for spending cuts.

“Realistically, the tough decisions are not going to be made until 2013,” Walker stated.  “The American people haven’t been engaged adequately.”

Congressional leaders, once again, are kicking the can down the road – this time, to the surprise of no one, until after the election.  Should no one be able to make concessions, then the U.S. faces a potential debt crisis in 2013.  “Nobody is going to be able to hide,” added Walker.

For more on Walker’s thoughts, read the article at Bloomberg News.

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