Obama Speech: “Long on Vision, Short on Details”

President Obama took to the podium last night and made a spirited defense of his presidency while laying out his plans for the next four years, but Timothy Kelly of ForexTV described the speech as “long on vision and short on details”.

In his rousing speech, for the first time Obama seemed to acknowledge that things weren’t so great as he had promised four years ago, but took pains to describe the magnitude of the crisis he inherited with some not-so-subtle finger-pointing at the Bush administration, then promised to relieve the massive debt he built up by embracing the terms of the Simpson-Bowles commission – a plan that he dismissed when it first came to his desk almost two years ago.  Without a hint of irony, the President acknowledged that campaigns can seem “small … even silly sometimes.  Trivial things become big distractions.”  A complete transcript of Obama’s speech can be found online at the New York Times.

Seeking to reclaim the mantle of “hope and change” from four years ago, the President also depicted himself as a warrior for the middle class – despite the fact that median household incomes have fallen almost 10% during the course of his Presidency.

Missing entirely from his speech were any references to arguably his crowning achievement, “Obamacare” – an unpopular and excessively long piece of legislation full of regulations and tax increases.

For all of Mr. Obama’s fine oratorical skill, the speech received a markedly mixed reception from the press, reports the Huffington Post.  Former Clinton strategist James Carville, while praising Obama’s performance, admitted that it was “probably not the best speech of the convention”.  Former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer called it “a hit and a miss”.  And Charles Krauthammer of Fox News said: “He gave one of the emptiest speeches I have ever heard on a national stage.  There was nothing in it.”

But some were still feeling the hope and change.  Al Sharpton called it “epic” and predicted that it would seal Obama’s election victory.  Rachel Maddow of MSNBC called it “a big, big speech.”  Chris Matthews, also of MSNBC, declared that Obama “did it again” and called it “a home run”.

For an accurate assessment of Obama’s speech, read Kelly’s article at Forextv.com.  For a fact-check on some of the speech’s more dubious statements – including the laughable statement that the Obama plan would reduce the debt by $4 trillion – check out the Daily Beast.

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