Politics Standing in the Way of Solutions

Politics Standing in the Way of Solutions

For both parties, it seems that winning elections is more important than tackling the nation’s issues.  Perhaps that’s why we have a ballooning national debt of over $16 trillion.

The sequestration report being released by the White House has already become the subject of political griping, reports Politico.  Republicans say that the figures released contain information only at the account level.

Despite all the bickering, however, party leaders are negotiating to stop across-the-board cuts – after the election.  House Republicans are bringing in Comptroller Robert Hale, who is sure to bare the brunt of GOP frustrations.  And don’t expect Defense Department witnesses to clarify anything – as the department still hasn’t started planning for automatic cuts.

It looks like it’s going to be a long year.  For more info, check out Politico.

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