Romney Doubles Down On Debt Attacks

Romney Doubles Down On Debt Attacks

Appearing at a high school gymnasium at a rally in the critical swing state of Ohio, Mitt Romney seized the issue of the national debt and vowed that as President he would reduce government spending, reports.

Romney gestured toward a national debt clock behind him and stated: “When I began this campaign it said it was 15 trillion.”  (The national debt is now $16 trillion plus).  “I mean, what is a trillion?  It’s a thousand billions!  It’s an unthinkable amount!”

With Romney largely behind in the polls, the issue of the national debt is one where he still has a clear advantage.  It’ll be up to the Romney campaign to convince voters that it’s the one issue that should determine their choice for President in November.

To do so, he’ll have to win over a large number of undecided voters.  That might be harder than it sounds.  Tracy Sabetta, an undecided voter from Pickerington, Ohio, says that she’s hoping to hear something “inspiring” from either candidate.  Ms. Sabetta adds that her top issue is the Great Lakes.

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