Romney: Obama Reelection Means Even More Debt

Romney: Obama Reelection Means Even More Debt

At the first stop on his Ohio bus tour, Governor Mitt Romney blasted the policies of President Barack Obama and promised that as President, he work would to balance the federal budget.  He made the remarks with the aid of a massive debt clock behind him, NBC News reports. The clock records the debt as $16,079,968,791,038 … and counting.

“When he came into office, there was just over $10 trillion in debt.  Now there’s over $16 trillion in debt.  If he were re-elected, I can assure you it will be almost $20 trillion in debt.”  Romney further called the debt “bad for job creation” and “immoral for us to pass on … to the next generation.”

Romney’s remarks came as new polls have come out showing him falling behind in critical states like Ohio and Florida.  With President Obama now clearly in the lead, it seems that Romney has decided to bank his entire campaign on the most important issue of our time … the national debt.  The question is, will it work?

For more on Romney’s bus stop, check out NBC News.

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