Each day, we’re edging closer and closer to the fiscal cliff.  “Sequestration” cuts are on the horizon, the Herald Business Journal writes in an editorial.  And that’s why Congress needs to get its act together – either support a budget compromise, or face draconian cuts.

And yet, despite the perils that lie ahead, it seems like no one believes that Congress will actually allow these cuts to happen.  Surely, they’ll release a compromise in time.  But consider the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction.  This “Super Committee” was unable to come to any form of compromise – even though they just could have adopted some of the simpler prescriptions of the Simpson-Bowles Commission.

Congress’s inaction could lead to massive cuts in defense spending, teachers, and child services.  It’s time to make strategic cuts that can lead to a balanced budget and a more certain future.

For more, check out the editorial at the Herald Business Journal.

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