Tennessee Has Lowest Debt Burden

Tennessee Has Lowest Debt Burden

Perhaps the federal government should take some lessons from Tennessee when it comes to reducing our massive national debt.  The Volunteer State has the lowest debt burden out of all fifty states, reports Adam Hammond of News Channel 3 in Memphis.

While that sounds rosy, Tennessee still has a debt of almost $6 billion.  Still, that’s a whole lot better than the national debt of $16 trillion.

Tennessee resident Elesha Whatley says Tennessee keeps a lower debt “maybe because there is always something they want to tax.”

But Tennessee’s comptroller begs to differ.  A spokesman for the comptroller said: “It’s because of strong financial management from the General Assembly.  They are borrowing judiciously.”

‘Borrowing judiciously’ of course, is something of a concept for Washington politicians.

For more, read the article at wreg.com.

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