The Campaign Trail Disconnect

The Campaign Trail Disconnect

Americans hear it over and over again.  The national debt is the #1 issue.  The nation is headed for a fiscal crisis.  And unless we do something – and soon – we might be headed over the cliff.

But so far, the rhetoric on the campaign trail hasn’t matched this reality, despite the presence on the ticket of two men – Barack Obama and Paul Ryan – who have more or less dictated their party’s plans on the budget, reports the Hill Blog.

It turns out that the Obama plan for fiscal year 2013 won’t even come close to addressing our budget crisis.  It’s almost like the President is living in denial.  And the Ryan budget, while an improvement, is not specific when it comes to where to cut.

Thus, Americans will have to make a choice between a budget that does nothing and a budget that solves our economic woes – eventually – with unrealistic proposals.  It’s likely that whoever emerges victorious will continue to shirk the real issues, making the problem even harder to solve in the future.

The article was written by Phillip Joyce, professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy.  To view it in full, click here.

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