Ahmadinejad: Debt Crisis Means U.S. Downfall

Ahmadinejad: Debt Crisis Means U.S. Downfall

Russia is not the only country convinced that the U.S.’s debt crisis will ultimately cripple its status as a world power.  Now, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is predicting the downfall of the “U.S. Empire,” the Jerusalem Post reports.

“How long can a government with a $16 trillion foreign debt remain a world power?” asked Ahmadinejad at a press conference in Kuwait.  “The Americans have injected their paper wealth into the world economy and today the aftermaths and negative effects of their pseudo-wealth have plagued them.”

Ahmadinejad’s anti-Semitic rhetoric and his threats to wipe out the Israeli state are the ravings of a madman.  But his assessment of the current U.S. economic situation is perhaps more accurate than we would care to admit.  An ailing U.S. economy and a terrible debt situation means not only trouble domestically, it means a staggering loss in our ability to influence world affairs.  And in this increasingly dangerous world, that is not a good thing.  Getting our debt under control is not just sound fiscal policy.  It is an action vital to our national security.

Full article is available at the Jerusalem Post.

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