Debt Crisis Requires Conservative Solutions

Debt Crisis Requires Conservative Solutions

Everyone knows that we are in the midst of a debt crisis, and everyone has their own policy prescription to get us out of it.  But only conservative, low-tax, low-spending solutions will ultimately cure our addiction to debt.  The Christian Science Monitor presents one vision of this conservative solution, offered by Stuart M. Butler of the Heritage Foundation.

Butler says that the only way to get the U.S. fiscal crisis under control is to cut spending.  Americans are definitely not undertaxed, and raising taxes will only worsen our economic recovery.  Next, put all entitlement programs, like Medicare, on a long-term budget that has to be voted on each year.  That way, everyone will know it when Congress increases spending.

Next, baby boomers or seniors are going to have to sacrifice a bit.  It is not right for them to take everything from the younger generation.  Smaller Social Security checks and higher Medicare premiums may be in order.  Next, and perhaps most important of all, we need a balanced-budget amendment so that we never have to face this same crisis again.

For more on the conservative view of getting the budget under control, read the Christian Science Monitor.

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