Perot: Country Could Be “Taken Over”

Perot: Country Could Be “Taken Over”

Billionaire former presidential candidate Ross Perot will not be making an endorsement for the 2012 White House race, Politico reports.  But he does have an ominous warning for Americans: if the United States doesn’t solve its debt crisis, then our country’s future might be at stake.  It might even be “taken over”.

“If we are that weak, just think of who wants to come here first and take us over, and the last thing I ever want to see is to see this country, our country taken over because we’re so financially weak we can’t do anything and we’re moving in that direct.  We could even lose our country if we don’t get this fixed and straightened out and nobody that’s running really talks about it, about what we have to do and why we have to do it.  They would prefer not to have it discussed.”

The comments come as Perot prepares to release his autobiography.

For more on Perot’s comments, check out Politico.

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