Romney Revives Campaign With Energetic Debate Performance

Romney Revives Campaign With Energetic Debate Performance

After a tough month for his campaign, Mitt Romney revitalized his bid for the White House on Wednesday night with a solid debate performance, Fox News reports.  A well-prepared Romney dominated the incumbent President in the standoff on the economy.

Borrowing a line from Vice President Joe Biden, Romney said: “Under the president’s policies, middle-income Americans have been buried.”

Obama attempted to paint Romney as unsympathetic to the needs of working Americans, but Romney pushed back, accusing Obama of engaging in “trickle-down government”.  Disputing Obama’s claims, Romney vowed to balance the budget and not add any tax cut that would explode the deficit.  Given the $16 trillion debt, Romney also pledged to spend money only on programs that are so valuable that it would be worth “borrowing money from China”.

For more, check out the fullpost-debate recap at Fox News.

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