Second Debate Crucial For Both Candidates

Second Debate Crucial For Both Candidates

The crucial second debate is coming up, and already we can get a glimpse of both candidates’ strategies, writes The Hill blog.  Romney plans to bring up the critical issues of debt and deficit spending.  Obama?  He plans a relentless attack on what his campaign calls “the real Romney”.

Tuesday night will arguably be the setting of the most important debate of Obama’s life.  As a result, observers expect the President to be aggressive, and campaign memos confirm that he will be.  He will almost certainly bring up Romney’s 47% remark, and his years at Bain Capital.

The Romney campaign sees the national debt as their most promising issue.  According to a memo released by his campaign, in the debate Romney will stress that “On day one of his presidency, Mitt Romney will announce deficit-reduction measures that end the era of big government ushered in by President Obama.”

For more on the candidates’ strategies heading into the debate, read The Hill blog.

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