Still Hope For Debt Solution

Still Hope For Debt Solution

There are some fiscal policy experts who are still optimistic about being able to fix our debt crisis.  Among them is Alice Rivlin, reports The Dartmouth.  Ms. Rivin served on the Simpson-Bowles commission and is a senior fellow in economic studies at the Brookings Institute.

During a lecture at the Rockefeller Center titled, “Will Our Polarized Politics Push Us over the Fiscal Cliff?” Ms. Rivlin conceded that the bickering in Congress is a major impediment to reducing the national debt.  But she added that the coming sequestration cuts are so undesirable that eventually both parties will be forced to compromise.

And while there are some politicians who value reelection over getting things done for the good of the people, Ms. Rivlin expressed cautious optimism that “earnest and well motivated” members of Congress could eventually reach a compromise and work together for the nation’s future.

For more on Ms. Rivlin’s lecture, read The Dartmouth.

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