The Taxpayer’s Burden

The Taxpayer’s Burden

We’ve all heard that the national debt recently topped $16 trillion.  Here are some facts, courtesy of The Daily Illini, to put that in perspective:

  • $16 trillion is enough to buy Apple, Inc. 25 times
  • It could buy 9,000 Chicago Cubs teams
  • It could pay tuition for over 1.3 billion University of Illinois students
  • The national debt is now bigger than the nation’s Gross Domestic Product
  • The amount of debt created by President Bush in eight years has been doubled by President Obama in less than four years

Government knows only how to spend money, placing an unfair burden on taxpayers.  Taxpayers suffer the consequences.  If not the taxpayers’ money, it is money borrowed from China.

How to fix the national debt?  Cut spending.  Help businesses create jobs.  It is possible for us to grow our way out of this hole.  But first we’re going to have to make some tough decisions.  Do the politicians in Washington have the backbone to do so?

For more on the debt, read the article at The Daily Illini.

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