Who the Next President Is Matters

Who the Next President Is Matters

Given all the mudslinging and false attacks, one might actually forget that there are actual issues in this race, and it is still very important which candidate wins the presidency.  The New York Times has reported on a number of subjects the next President, whoever it is, will have to deal with.

First, the upcoming “fiscal cliff” and sequestration cuts that could cripple the recovery.  This crisis will have to be dealt with almost immediately, and the decision whether or not to raise the debt ceiling will have to be made.

Next, health care.  Romney vows to repeal Obamacare, but what exactly he will replace it with is not clear.

The next President will also have the power of appointing justices to the Supreme Court and could change the makeup of the judiciary and the ideological makeup of the court for an entire generation.

There are many more issues that the next President will have to face.  For more, read the New York Times.

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