Young Americans Think Big Debt is a Big Problem

Young Americans Think Big Debt is a Big Problem

Young Americans are concerned about the growing national debt, reports U.S. Politics Today.  This is according to a new poll released by Generation Opportunity, the largest non-profit, non-partisan organization in the United States that engages and mobilizes young voters throughout the nation.

“[They] are very concerned about the United States’ ability to maintain its role as a global leader in the future if it continues on the same past as the last several years,” reports Paul T. Conway, President of Generation Opportunity.

The younger cohort also believes that the biggest national security issue facing this country today is the national debt.  Overall, 59% of young people believe that the national debt is the biggest national security threat, topping other issues like terrorism and a nuclear Iran.

If there are young people out there who are not concerned about the national debt, they should be.  After all, they will be the ones who end up paying for it.

For more on the attitudes of young Americans, check out U.S. Politics Today.

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