AARP: No Cuts to Social Security!

AARP: No Cuts to Social Security!

From The Daily Republic comes an article about one of the nation’s most effective organizations.  Last year, AARP, the powerful lobbying group for older Americans, made a dramatic concession.  For the first time ever, the group said that it was open to cuts in Social Security.  These cuts may be necessary to stave off the massive debt.

But the backlash from AARP members and liberal activists was enormous, and it worked.  This time, the AARP has a simple message: no cuts whatsoever in benefits for retirees.

The AARP’s turnaround could have a huge effect on the final outcome of the fiscal cliff debates, as politicians work to reform programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

AARP’s critics say that it is protecting retirees at the expense of future generations.  Kevin A. Hassett, an economist at the American Enterprise Institute, said: “We’ve been stealing money from our children, and one of the main reasons that we’ve been unable to stop is that AARP is so opposed to any change to the entitlement programs.”

We need to get our fiscal house in order, and to do that we have to reform these incredibly expensive entitlement programs.  But for those who wish to cut the debt, AARP is a major force with which to be reckoned.

For more, read the entire article at The Daily Republic.

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