Americans Donate To Reduce Debt

Americans Donate To Reduce Debt

Americans donated $8 million in 2012 to help reduce the national debt, CNN Money reports.  Previous years averaged about $3 million.

“So this is obviously a big jump,” said Mckayla Braden, a spokesman for the Bureau of the Public Debt.

It seems like the debate over the soaring national debt is having an effect.  Of course, $8 million is just a drop in the bucket when you have a debt of over $16 trillion.  In fact, the total of $7.7 million from this year is just 0.000007% of the trillion dollar deficit that the U.S. ran in the latest fiscal year.

Donations are clearly up because people understand the dangers of a massive federal debt.  To eliminate the debt completely, Americans are going to have to dig deep.  Getting our fiscal house in order is worth it.

For more, read the article at CNN Money.

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