Boehner: Let’s Make a Deal

Boehner: Let’s Make a Deal

House Speaker John Boehner took a conciliatory approach following President Obama’s victory, reports the Boston Globe.  The Speaker said that a deal with the President involving “some revenue increases” was on the table.

“Mr. President, this is your moment,” said Boehner during a Wednesday press conference on Capitol Hill.  “We want you to lead.”

Boehner said that House Republicans are willing to work with the newly reelected President to cut spending and craft a balanced budget approach.  The Speaker also stated that he will support a cleaner tax code with fewer loopholes.  He suggested Congress would use the lame-duck session to start the process.

“We can’t solve the problem of our fiscal imbalance overnight … this is going to take time,” he said.

For more, read the Boston Globe.

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