Election Day Is Today

Election Day Is Today

It has been a long and bitter campaign, but Election Day is finally here.  Or, as CBS News reports: “It’s all over but the voting.”  The truth, however, is that voting has been going on for some time now.  In some states, most of the ballots are projected to have already been cast through early voting.

After a final sprint through the battleground states, President Obama and Governor Romney will spend Election Day on the sidelines.  Like everyone else, they will sit and wait anxiously for the votes to come in.

Governor Romney spent yesterday in Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and New Hampshire.  He argued that President Obama’s record of partisanship should not be rewarded with a second term.

“If he can’t work with Congress, think what happens the next time the debt ceiling comes up,” Romney said.

Both sides are expressing confidence, saying that their base is fired up.

The presidential race is not the only contest, of course.  Americans will also decide on candidates for the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House, and a few gubernatorial races.  Democrats are expected to maintain their advantage in the Senate, while Republicans are strongly favored in the House.

For more on this pivotal Tuesday, read the article at CBS News.

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