In Debt Talks, President Must Channel His “Inner Roosevelt”

In Debt Talks, President Must Channel His “Inner Roosevelt”

Barack Obama is about to enter a critical period of his presidency, NPR reports.  It is likely that the fate of the debt talks and the outcome of the “fiscal cliff” deal will define his second term, and perhaps his entire presidency.

To succeed, historians suggest that Obama needs to channel his “inner Roosevelt” by connecting with the American people and helping to forge bipartisan solutions.  Most importantly, Obama has to learn from his failures the last time the debt ceiling was raised.

“He’s starting out with some clear bottom lines and he’s not making concessions upfront,” said Mara Liasson of NPR.  “I think the president is getting a do-over, and also he’s in a stronger position now.”

Historians who have met with the President tell him there is one quality they wish he shared with Theodore Roosevelt: an ability to forge a “day-to-day relationship with the American people.”

The upcoming debt talks provide the President a chance to display leadership to the American people.  Let us see if he takes it.

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