Organization Seeks To Inform Millennials On Debt

Organization Seeks To Inform Millennials On Debt

Those who will be forced to pay off the skyrocketing national debt are now making their case for sound fiscal policy.  So-called “millennials” – those born in the last decade or so of the 20th century – are the target of, an organization that seeks to inform the younger generation about their potential debt-ridden future.  WSUA.9 interviewed Nick Troiano, the organization’s field director.

“Every time Washington kicks the can down the road, they’re really kicking our generation so it’s time for millenials to kick back and demand a solution,” Troiano stated.

Troiano says that the national debt is the biggest issue facing his generation.  It is good to see that groups are sprouting up to enlighten millennials on the debt burden they will face.  This is not a problem of their making, but one that they must solve.

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