Vote Like The Nation’s Future Depends On It

Vote Like The Nation’s Future Depends On It

Tomorrow is Election Day.  According to the Washington Times, the polls are tight.  Those who have not already voted early will go to the polls tomorrow and cast a vote whether or not to affirm our nation’s present course.  Those who think that the nation is on the right track will vote for President Obama.  Those who think we need a different course will vote for Governor Romney.

The biggest issue, they say, is the economy and jobs.  But ultimately, the economy and jobs come second to the national debt.  Even if we were in the midst of a strong recovery, such a recovery would crumble without the support of a strong fiscal foundation.  With over $5 trillion added to the national debt in the past four years, our nation’s fiscal foundation is weaker than ever and near collapse.

As voters go to the polls, they should keep in mind the dire ramifications of further increases in the national debt.  They should understand the consequences of uncontrolled spending, of spending what we do not have to pay for what we do not need.  The citizens of the United States should cast their ballot for the man they believe will fix our debt crisis, not worsen it.  The national debt is not the only problem our nation faces.  But if not fixed, it is the only one that could end our country as we know it.  Voting for fiscal responsibility is not a choice – it is our burden as citizens of the freest nation on earth, a nation we must keep for ourselves and our children.

For more on tomorrow’s verdict, read the Washington Times.

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