We the Voters Are To Blame For The National Debt

We the Voters Are To Blame For The National Debt

The national debt is our country’s greatest threat.  And so often we blame everyone else – the politicians, the culture of Washington, the special interests.  But we the voters are the ones to blame for the crippling national debt, writes J. Peder Zane of the Raleigh News & Observer.

“The single biggest obstacle to real and necessary change in America is not poisonous partisanship but crippling consensus,” Zane writes.  It is the consensus that we can have everything we want for free.

Obama ran for reelection on a platform of blaming the rich.  Vote for me, Obama said.  It’s the rich who will get us out of this.  Mr. Romney promised even more: a 20 percent tax cut on every working American as his plan to get us out of debt.  No candidate put forward a plan to deal with entitlements.

We have ourselves to blame by warning candidates that they will not vote for increased taxes or reduced spending on their pet programs.  And now we are making a third demand: get our fiscal house in order.  It would be easier, Zane writes, to square the circle.

We need real leadership now.  We need statesmen who will tell Americans: there is no such thing as a free lunch.

We have only ourselves to blame if we do not vote for them.

For more, read Mr. Zane’s entire column at the News & Observer.


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