Congress Finally Approves Fiscal Cliff Deal

Congress Finally Approves Fiscal Cliff Deal

Late Tuesday night, the U.S. House approved legislation that would avoid the fiscal cliff – sort-of.  Voting on a bill overwhelmingly approved by the Senate, Republicans and Democrats put together enough votes to pass it.  Throughout the day, conservative members from both sides of the aisle battled over whether or not to support the bill.  Many wanted more spending reductions to balance out the mountain of tax hikes.

House Speaker John Boehner did not voice support or opposition to the bill; however, in the end, he did cast a “yay” vote.  Other Republican leaders were not so quiet.  After exiting a closed meeting of Republican members, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor told reporters, “I do not support this bill.”

While this bill helped avoid a tax hike on millions of Americans, not all will go unscathed.  To read the full Washington Post article, click here.

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