It’s A Whopper

It’s A Whopper

Flash back: Does anyone remember during the October 22, 2012 presidential debate that the President stated:  “First of all, the sequester is not something I proposed, it’s something that Congress proposed,” “It will not happen.”?

Fact check: The White House decided to implement the possibility of sequestration.

While no one argues sequestration was unwanted, President Obama explicitly and “categorically” stated  that sequestration was “something that Congress has proposed.” Bob Woodward’s “Prince of Politics” navigates us through the accuracy of the president’s statement, creating a clear and relevant outline in that sequestration was a proposal promoted by the White House rather than Congress.

After further reviewing his interview material and notes to make sure he’d gotten his facts straight, Woodward said: “It looks like President Obama told a whopper.” We think so, too…it’s a “whopper.”

Click here to read the full Washington Post article.

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