Speaker Boehner Rights the Ship

Speaker Boehner Rights the Ship

House Speaker John Boehner has calmed the seas of the House Republican Caucus, and in doing so regained much needed political capital as well as shifted the debate on deficit reduction. The past several months have been tumultuous for the nation’s highest ranking republican, with January being the worst of all. Mr. Boehner saw dozens of his republican colleagues openly defy his reelection as speaker after the botched fiscal cliff negotiations.

Within days, however, he steadied his ship and persuaded his fellow republicans to go along with his plans to be more strategic and patient.

The implications went beyond one politician’s fate. Financial markets and corporate planners were reassured when House Republicans agreed to postpone a showdown over the government’s borrowing capacity. In a speech, Boehner summarized the case he made to his colleagues. In the upcoming debates over taxes and deficit spending, he said, Republicans must decide ‘‘where’s the ground that we fight on? Where’s the ground that we retreat on? Where are the smart fights?’’

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