The Truth About Sequestration & Chicken Little

The Truth About Sequestration & Chicken Little

The President and Congress have, yet again, waited until the last minute and nothing has been done to advert sequestration.  The only thing we have heard out of Washington is reminiscent of Chicken Little and that the sky is falling.  Well, we all know the sky is not falling, so what is the truth?

Here are the facts according to the latest Washington Times article: “The sequestration is supposed to trim $85 billion in spending in a budget that proposes to spend $3.8 trillion. That would be a 2.2 percent cut, except it’s not the end of the story.  In the first few months of the current fiscal year, federal spending has already increased $42 billion. So by year’s end, 2013 spending is likely to exceed 2012’s, even after the sequestration.”

The truth is sequestration is not going to make the sky fall; however, if we do not buckle down and really cut the deficit, it just might.

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